Liege Security LLC

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1615 S. Congress Ave Suite 103 Delray Beach, FL 33445

Liege Security is recognized as a leading provider of Security Guard services throughout the State of Florida. Liege Security provides Security Guards, and security solutions for both Government and Private sector clients to include Communities, Construction Sites, Government Facilities, Retail Locations, Private Schools, Financial Institutions, Health Care Facilities, Warehouses, and much more. Liege Security is a Veteran owned, State of Florida Licensed and Insured Security Guard Agency.

Event Security

Allow Liege Security, LLC professional security teams to protect your event. Our guards are highly trained, disciplined, well dressed, and mannered. Liege Security, LLC will asses the venue of your event, the demographics of your guests, demographics of the surrounding area(s), the amount of guests, and other influencing factors to ensure the safety of your event, guests and venue. No event is too big or too small.

  • Guards will greet all guests
  • Guards will monitor cameras (if necessary)
  • Guards will monitor entrances and exits, as well as patrol parking area(s)
  • Guards will identify VIP
  • Guards can provide a password protected venue
  • Guards will implement a log in and log out system for guests
  • Guards will patrol the event property and enforce all rules
  • Guards will detect and eliminate all danger
  • Guards will alert host and / or management of all issues
  • Guards will notify proper authorities of all issues.