Liege Security LLC

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1615 S. Congress Ave Suite 103 Delray Beach, FL 33445

Liege Security is recognized as a leading provider of Security Guard services throughout the State of Florida. Liege Security provides Security Guards, and security solutions for both Government and Private sector clients to include Communities, Construction Sites, Government Facilities, Retail Locations, Private Schools, Financial Institutions, Health Care Facilities, Warehouses, and much more. Liege Security is a Veteran owned, State of Florida Licensed and Insured Security Guard Agency.

Executive Protection / Bodyguard

Liege Security, LLC of Delray Beach, FL and Palm Beach County offers elite personal protection Agents. We’ve combined military and law enforcement training and techniques to provide our clients with the most advanced protection available. Our personal protection agents are available in individual or teams. Our integrity will not be compromised. Our guards are authorized to travel any distance with our clients.

  • Client safety is priority 1 for our agents.
  • Agents are prior military, law enforcement, or 5 years of bodyguard experience.
  • Our Agents will review the daily, weekly, and (or) monthly plans of our clients to ensure we’re putting taking the proper and necessary security precautions
  • Agents will escort client(s) to any location
  • Agents will be invisible to the client(s) but visible to the public
  • Agents are able to search and drive vehicles for clients
  • Agents are evasive driving trained
  • Agents will survey property prior to client(s) entering and exiting
  • Agents will keep bystanders at a safe distance
  • Agents will perform security checks
  • Agents will monitor surrounding property and people
  • Agents Identify and diffuse potential threats
  • Agents will plan escape routes
  • Agents will maintain professionalism when reacting to emergencies
  • Agents will demonstrate proficiency in daily duties
  • Agents will Defend client(s)
Two Guards