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Liege Security is recognized as a leading provider of Security Guard services throughout the State of Florida. Liege Security provides Security Guards, and security solutions for both Government and Private sector clients to include Communities, Construction Sites, Government Facilities, Retail Locations, Private Schools, Financial Institutions, Health Care Facilities, Warehouses, and much more. Liege Security is a Veteran owned, State of Florida Licensed and Insured Security Guard Agency.

Industries and Services


Liege Security develops and implement custom security policies and procedures for each community in respect to Post orders. We understand each community is unique. We want to ensure the safety of the residents without restricting allowed community activity.


Our guards, and equipment can identify and minimize threats to local and State Government buildings and institutions. Now, more than ever, it is important for our government facilities to take proper measures to ensure security. Liege Security’s management, through military experience, spearheads the training of security guards and development of SOPs (standard operating procedures) for situations such as active shooters, fire emergencies, work place disputes – conflict resolution, Inspections or observance of packages entering the building, and accountability of personnel on the facility grounds.


We provide Security guards throughout the State of Florida. For our retail clients, we provide a range of services to include armed guards, unarmed uniformed security guards, armed escorts to and from the bank or ATM. Our retail uniforms range from full tactical to suit and tie. We can put a guard at any retail location in Florida within 4hrs of agreement to the request.


Liege Security has been trusted to provide security guards for private education institutions ranging from early childhood through high school. Liege Security can place security guards on any campus in Florida. We are also able to implement security plans that include facility entry control, roving security guards, video surveillance, and student and personnel accountability.


It doesn’t matter the stage of your construction project, we can provide a guard to ensure security and accountability. We have provided guards for construction sites at the beginning of the job through duration, and guarded sites after construction was complete. We can put a guard at any construction location in Florida within 4hrs of agreement to the request.


Both customer and employee theft are huge threats to warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. We’ve been able to integrate our security guards in this industry to minimize and in some cases eliminate theft. As a result, our clients were able to increase productivity.


Go to work without worry of outside threats or work place violence. Our corporate security officers are professionals and will resolve any issues that may occur in as a discrete manner as possible. When the office isn’t staffed, our guards are a great addition to security systems to control who enters the building and deter criminal intent.

Other Services and Industries include:

Medical Facilities, Hotels and Hospitality Facilities, Stadiums, Training facilities, disaster relief, and much more. Contact us today for a consultation.